Safety First

Triple A make a priority of keeping an orderly and safe worksite, protecting people and facilities from injury or damage.

Onsite Operations

With own equipment (no time loss in rentals) our operations start. The faster we finish, the faster you're back to your business.

Always Feasible

With our micro-detailed breakdown of quotations, you will always be in command of your final cost. Quote yourself ;)


the Triple A constructions

When it comes to logistical challenges and job-specific product knowledge, we are experienced in procedures many contractors have never done before. Triple A has experienced estimators & foremen to handle your pre-work stages making sure we understand the scope of the project and all pertinent dynamics of the job to call in our responsive, scalable workforce who are experienced and skillful enough to meet demanding timetables and sophisticated projects.

From surface preparation, moving onwards to; Concrete Polishing, Concrete Expansion Joint Repairs, Self-Leveling Cementitious, Epoxy Coatings for (impact and chemical resistance, thermal shock and fast curing), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Antimicrobial Flooring. Triple A masters them all!

Prioritizing the environment and all related concerns, we work with our affiliates that take this topic as seriously as we do. Nature is reaction of our behaviour. Thus, every time a client call Triple A and asks for a concrete floor polish, he automatically contributes to the cause.

3D Decorative Floorings is having a growth in demand. You have the vision and we have to tools to impliment. Let loose of your imagination and allow us to transform it to a visual, innovative and expressive artworks in any corner, pathway, pavement, yard or even an entire floor as your desire demands :)

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AAA services

Heavy Industrial Standards


For extreme conditions such as dropping heavy parts or dragging heavy loads we can install super tough floors with relatively thin topcoats will outperform any other type of flooring.


• Concrete Floors
• Impact and Chemical Resistant Floors
• Thermal Shock Systems
• Fast Curing Systems
• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Floors

PDF • Triple A Services (full range)

Specific Requirements


3D Flooring Technology has changed the look of the floors with strong and durable coating of Epoxy Flooring System which gives the floor a creative and unique look maintaining the antimicrobial properties.


• Food & Beverage Processing
• Medical Facilities
• Pharmaceutical Labs
• Veterinary Clinics
• Restaurants & School Cafeterias

PDF • Triple A Services (full range)

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